Wellfleet Conservation Trust

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of residents of the Town of Wellfleet with a deep interest in the preservation of the Town’s natural resources.  Trustees have a “duty of care” to act in the best interests of the Wellfleet Conservation Trust.

Dennis O'Connell



Bill Iacuessa

Vice President


Don Palladino



Marcia Seeler





Susan Anthony



Richard Ciotti



Dwight Estey


Deborah Freeman

Mark Gabriel

Peter Hall

Ned Hitchcock

Gary Joseph

Virginia Page

Mary Rogers



Advisor: Mark Robinson, Executive Director
The Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts

Trustees perform their duties as a Board and also contribute individually by serving on standing and ad-hoc committees. Each Trustee serves a three-year term and may be re-elected.


Founding Trustees

In 1984 the founding Trustees were Helen Aaron, Henry C. Atwood, Janet R. Bell, Steven Blacher, Durand Echeverria, D. Alan Frazier, Robert Hankey, Gary J. Joseph, Richard F. Lay, William Magenau, William S. McCord, Linda B. Miller, Helen Olsen, John Wallace and Richard E. Wallace, all of Wellfleet.  Two of the founding members, Robert Hankey (above right) and Gary Joseph, (above left) are shown in the photo above.



WCT Adopt a Highway crew cleans a section of Route 6 in Wellfleet during the spring, summer, and fall.


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